Are you looking for a fun and relaxing way to enjoy your time with a significant other?

A double hammock has got you covered. Regardless of who you intend on sharing the hammock for 2 with — your partner, your kid or your furry friend, this roomy alternative to the classic hammock allows you to share the hammock relaxation and fun

Finding that perfect 2-person hammock is a cumbersome task. It is important to be clear on how and where you plan to use the double hammock and look at a few other specifications before you set out to buy yourself one. 

In this article I’ve compiled a buyers guide and selected reviews of the best 2 person hammocks to help you along the path.   

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Reviews for the 10 Best 2 person Hammocks Available to Buy for a Range of Uses

Let’s take a look at some of the top-rated double hammocks, categorized based on their individual use allowing you to make a tailored choice.


Best Overall 2 Person Hammock with Stand

There are a range of 2 person hammock with stand options to choose from – we’ve done a full review of the 6 Best 2 Person Hammocks With Stands Of Different Styles Here.

This Vivere Product was selected as the top all-rounder with portability, top reviews, low price, great durability and great range of colors.

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand

When you’re in your backyard, you may want to be a few feet off the ground but at the beach, you may want to run your fingers through the sand every once in a while.

This is a possibility thanks to Vivere Double Hammock’s easily adjustable hooks to tweak how high or low you want to be! It also helps to keep the right height off the ground as the hammock stretches.

Its 9-foot steel stand is sturdy and can be placed anywhere you want to lounge offering top portability. With a cotton fabric hammock and the contrasting strong and long-lasting polyester ends, durability is assured.

Its 450 lbs capacity allows 2 adults to comfortable rest in this double hammock. People swear by the Vivere Double Hammock to the extent that they say that they’d ditch their beds to sleep in this hammock every night!

Product advantages and likes thumbs up PROS:

  • Space-saving and easily adjustable stand 
  • Easy assembly, disassembly and carrying case allows portability of the hammock and stand 
  • All-weather friendly fabric and stand
  • Available in a wide variety of colors to choose from 
  • Value for money

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down CONS:

  • The extra length may be unnerving for some customers who prefer a flat open design of hammock (most people seem to prefer the cocoon-like feel it offers)

Best 2 Person Hammock Tents

These hammock tents offer high portability, functionality and comfort for your next camping adventure. 

Easthills Outdoors Jungle Explorer Double Bug Net Camping Hammock Tent with Waterproof Rainfly

Is it a tent or is it a hammock? Surprise- it’s both! This two-person hammock tent is the ideal investment for individuals who long to go camping, but would like to forgo lugging a heavy tent as they trek their way to a suitable spot.

Get the shelter that a tent would provide with the comfort of sleeping in a hammock! It even has a removable bug net to keep those pests at bay.

It surprisingly also works out cheaper than a tent would: so, a win-win situation all around. This is one of the few 2 person hammocks which has a weight allowance of 700 lbs, too!

Product advantages and likes thumbs up PROS:

  • Value for money- comfort of a tent, priced similar to a double camping hammock
  • Knot-free, tree-friendly simple installation with all equipment provided 
  • Easy portability weighing just 37 oz
  • Durable 210T Taffeta parachute material with durable triple stitch edge seams
  • Holds up to 700 lbs, more than other double hammocks available
  • Pockets to store cell phones and other belongings 

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down CONS:

  • Available only in one color 
  • Lack of instructions for setup which may be challenging for beginners

Best 2 Person Camping Tree Hammocks

Lightweight and portable, these 2 person hammocks are designed to be hung between trees or structures and let you enjoy nature with loved ones, in the comfort of a hammock

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Double Hammock with Tree Straps

Made out of extra soft and durable 210T parachute nylon, there is no compromise on quality or comfort with these double camping hammocks. Ideal to head out camping, travelling or to chill at the beach, this is undoubtedly the perfect companion to have.

The triple interlocking stitching makes for a very durable 2-person portable camping hammock which can support up to 500 lbs in weight.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up PROS:

  • The comfort of a tent as a two-person camping hammock at a budget friendly cost
  • Easy setup and disassembly with all necessary equipment provided 
  • Easy portability with the packed version weighing just 26 oz
  • Durable 210T parachute nylon material ensuring comfort and long-term stability
  • Available in a wide variety of colors

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down CONS:

  • This double tree hammock has had a few reportings of tears in the early days of usage

Kootek Camping Double Portable Hammock with 2 Tree Straps

This 2-person tree hammock is made of a similar reinforced triple stitched 210T parachute nylon material offering superior comfort that you would crave for at the end of a tiring camping trip.

With a maximum weight allowance of 500 lbs, it is a great hammock for couples who love camping together!

Product advantages and likes thumbs up PROS:

  • Extremely budget friendly 
  • Easy setup which will not damage the trees, all equipment provided and simple disassembly 
  • Easy portability with carrying sack provided 
  • Superior quality 210T parachute nylon material for comfort and durability
  • Available in a wide variety of colors

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down CONS:

  • This double tree hammock or its straps have had some issues with stitching strength

Best 2 Person Hammock Chairs

Love the loveseat trend and want to somehow get it into your backyard for those cozy days out soaking up some Vitamin D? Why not opt for a 2-person hammock chair, instead!

Flower House Hanging Pumpkin Loveseat Chair with Stand

The classic design of this hammock chair with a plush cushioned bottom which can seat two people weighing up to 400 lbs comfortably is one of those must-haves to up your curb appeal.

Don’t worry about wet weather spoiling the fun- the weather resistant fabric allows for easy cleanup and drying. Its cute pumpkin shape completes its coziness quotient, making this a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up PROS:

  • Comfortable pumpkin shape in contemporary design
  • Versatile in terms of both indoor and outdoor use 
  • Weather resistant, easy to clean fabric 

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down CONS:

  • Not as budget friendly as other options available
  • Not a portable double hammock design

Best 2 Person Hammock with Mosquito Net

One of the best ways to spoil a camping trip is a night where you don’t get any sleep due to flies or mosquitos crawling over you all night – Enter the Mosquito Net Covered Hammocks

Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito/Bug Net, 10ft Hammock Tree Straps and Carabiners

Deemed one of the best double camping hammocks out there, this 2-person hammock with a mosquito net will change all of your future adventures! The creepy crawlies are kept at bay thanks to the net and the bed-like comfort ensures a good night’s sleep.

Fabricated using the durable 210T parachute nylon material and boasting a weight capacity of up to 600 lbs, this is truly built to last.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up PROS:

  • Great for outdoor use with interchangeable swinging and bed with mosquito net designs
  • Durable 210T parachute nylon material which can be subject to rough use
  • Easy to install with all tools provided and hassle-free storage option 
  • Simple portability as it weighs just 2.3 lbs
  • Mosquito net to keep the pests at bay 
  • Very budget-friendly 

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down CONS:

  • Bug net has been known to tear 

Best 2 Person Hammock Swing

Watch the sun set in the evening, drink in hand with your loved one by your side. Comfortable double hammock swings are a great addition to the home.  

Best Choice Products 2-Person Convertible Canopy Hanging Swing Lounge Chair with Adjustable Shade

Looking for a double hammock swing to prop up in your front or backyard to laze around, gossip and enjoy the views? Look no further.

The wide seat supported by a durable steel frame allows you to comfortably seat two weighing up to 450 lbs and swing as you enjoy your magnificent views, drink in hand.

Is the sun bothering you too much? One quick adjustment on the UV protected canopy shields you from direct sunlight so you continue to feel the warmth without it hitting your eyes! However, it works equally well for indoor use too.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up PROS:

  • Modern design with beautiful colors to choose from
  • Versatile for both indoor as well as outdoor use 
  • UV protected canopy which can be adjusted to shield against direct sunlight 
  • Can hold 2-3 people, as long as they weigh a maximum of 450 lbs 

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down CONS:

  • Does not lay flat to become a bed to lay down in 
  • Tendency for fabric to rot after a period of time 

Best 2 Person Rope Hammocks

If you’ve ever seen a photo of a rope hammock strung between two palm trees overlooking the ocean, you will appreciate the appeal of having your own rope hammock to relax with your loved one.

Best Choice Products 2-Person Woven Cotton Rope Double Hammock with Spreader Bars, Carrying Case

This double rope hammock is reminiscent of every beachside vacation you have been too. The bohemian style of the rope hammock coupled with the ability to support up to 450 lbs, cuddle sessions don’t get better than this!

It also comes with spreader bars for easy setup and a carrying case allowing for hassle-free portability. Apparently, the woven rope pattern even improves your blood circulation as you lay in it, so it’s all a win!

Product advantages and likes thumbs up PROS:

  • Beautiful bohemian design of rope hammock with hardwood spreaders
  • Easy hassle-free installation 
  • Simple portability with carrying case 
  • Improved blood circulation from woven rope pattern 

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down CONS:

  • The ropes may be a bit too loosely woven in some instances, making it less durable in comparison to other options 

Points to Consider Before Buying a Two Person Hammock 

Given the wide variety of double hammocks on the market, you need to prioritize your absolute requirements to make a decision. Listed below are a selection of factors to help you make a choice on which would be the best 2-person hammock for you.

If you’re new to hammocks, you can also check out our article on different hammock styles to help guide you to the right hammock for you.

Intended Use:

The best 2-person hammock for you will vary depending on your usage intentions. For those who want a double hammock for couples to lounge in their backyard, a 2-person hammock with a stand would be a great choice unless you have a hanging area of the right dimensions available.

Portability should not be a concern in this instance, unless you want to carry it along with you for a beach picnic for your seaside siesta.

Another thing to consider is how comfortable hammocks for couples would actually be – maybe your should consider an outdoor hammock bed for 2 if it is for back yard usage. There’s a learning curve involved to how to sit in a two person hammock, so give it time till you daydream of those outdoor cuddle sessions!

2 person lay flat hammocks with spreader bars are a great option to minimize how much you are laying on top of each other – assuming that is what you want…

If you intend to take it camping, then a double camping hammock is the obvious choice and may be ideal for you. The 2 person camping hammocks often come with mosquito nets to ensure a restful unperturbed slumber in the woods after a tiring trek.

If it needs to become part of your backpacking kit, it should pack compactly and be light enough to trek with, too.


The material of which your double hammock is made plays an important role in determining its durability, weather resistance and comfort. If you live in a place with high moisture or wet weather, consider investing in a 2-person hammock made of a waterproof fabric like Textiline.

If buying a double camping hammock, invest in one made of the superior 210T Nylon material. For a more rustic look and feel, a cotton rope double hammock may work well.

Weight Allowance:

The average weight allowance of a double hammock is approximately 450 lbs. There are, however, a few vendors who list out a maximum capacity of 500 lbs on their 2 person hammocks. A two person hammock chair usually can hold up to only 400 lbs.

Be careful to check the weight allowance on the product you pick and be assured that it can hold you and your loved one safely.

How to Hang the Double Hammock:

As an extension of the intended use, also consider how you will be hanging your 2-person hammock. Double camping hammocks are designed to hang using hammock carabiners and straps to trees growing in the wild.

But what if you do not have any trees in your backyard or in the beach where you want to take a nap, a 2-person hammock with a stand would work best.


It could cost you anywhere between $40 for a basic double camping hammock to $400 for a more elaborate two-person hammock chair or premium 2 person hammocks with wooden stands.

Browse several options to ascertain the budget and make an informed choice keeping all the aforementioned points in mind. Cheap 2 person hammocks for those on tight budgets are available.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Two Person Hammocks

We have compiled a few of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding double hammocks to help you can clarify any doubts about the right one for you.

  • What is meant by a double hammock and what is its purpose?

When compared to the conventional hammock, a double hammock is a little larger in terms of width and weight allowance. Two people can lounge or sleep in these hammocks at a given time.

However, a single person can use it too when tied appropriately, with ample storage space to stow away their belongings when out camping.

  • Can my kid or pet get into my 2-person hammock with me?

The simple answer is Yes! The extra space allows you to cozily cuddle up against your kid or a furry friend, provided it doesn’t exceed the recommended weight allowance. You might even fit a couple of kids in there with you, but that’s not likely to be relaxing at all….

The Final Verdict on the Best Two Person Hammocks

Before you arrive at a decision on which two-person hammock is best for you, it is important to keep all the points from our buying guide in mind. Based on your individual requirements, you can easily choose between the ten different double hammock varieties we’ve reviewed.

For use in and around your house, choose from a 2-person hammock chair, a porch / backyard hammock swing or a traditional rope hammock.

However, if a stand is a priority, then a heavy duty 2-person hammock with a metal stand, a eye friendly wooden stand,  or one with a stand and a canopy may work out better for you.

Contrastingly, if heading out into the great outdoors is more your style, opt for either a 2 Person Hammock Tent, a 2 Person Hammock with Mosquito Net or one of the two 2 Person Camping Tree Hammock options.

With two person hammocks, there’s plenty of variety available so there’s something out there to suit everyone’s needs!