Would you like somewhere that your kids will love to relax and read a book or watch movies? You can finally get some piece and quiet

A Kids Hammock with Stand the perfect solution. It is a fun, lightweight and portable option that your kid will enjoy every minute in it.

In this article, I’ve reviewed the best Children’s hammocks with stands including a top reviewed wooden kids rocking hammock so you and your child can take advantage of the benefits that free standing hammocks have to offer.

striped kids rocking hammock with wooden stand

Children’s Hammock with Stand Reviews Including Wooden Kids Rocking Hammock

Get the kids out of your hair for a while with one of these top options. I’ve done the research on reviews of these products against the manufacturers claims to find the best toddler hammocks with stands. The products have strong customer satisfaction with minimum 4 star ratings.

Kids Rocking Hammock with Wooden Stand

This rocking hammock for kids is the perfect all rounder hammock. It is high-quality, compact, light weight, easily relocatable from room to room and able to be used both indoor and outdoors for ultimate versatility.

With a sturdy wooden frame and relaxed canvas, children will absolutely love the rocking motion of this hammock instead of the sideways sway of a regular hammock.

A detachable pillow provides extra comfort and the washable cotton canvas makes it easy to keep clean.


  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • 95-pound maximum weight
  • Cotton canvas and wooden stand
  • Detachable pillow
  • Indoor/outdoor usage
  • Easy assembly

Cartoon Character Printed Children’s Rocking Hammock with Metal Stand

For the kid who is obsessed with the latest cartoon character, you can’t go past these printed rocking hammocks. Whether it be the classic Spiderman, popular Cars or favourite with the littlies Paw Patrol and Pepper Pig, there is a print to suit every obsession.

These super cool children’s rocking Hammocks come with their own matching carry bag for portability or storage and are super easy to assemble with clickable metal poles.

The only downside to this hammock is that the canvas is more taut than other hammocks on the market and therefore children require a little more coordination before using this product.


  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • 70-pound maximum weight
  • Cotton canvas and metal stand
  • Variety of cartoon prints
  • Indoor/outdoor usage
  • Easy assembly

Kids Hammock Swing Bed with Adjustable Metal Frame

Unlike the kids rocking hammocks above, this is a more traditional hammock with stand for kids. It offers a comfortable canvas and a relaxing sideways swinging motion instead of rocking.

This child size hammock with stand is a little heavier than the other options due to its heavy-duty metal frame. However it is easy to construct and comes with its own carry bag for easy transportation.

The frame is height adjustable for different size children. It can grow with your little ones to ensure it will be enjoyed for many years to come. 


  • Suitable for ages newborn+
  • 80 pound maximum weight
  • Polyester canvas and metal stand
  • Traditional swinging style
  • Indoor/outdoor usage
  • Easy assembly

Why Buy a Children’s Hammock with Stand?

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing space for your children to hang out in or a space to provide peaceful sleep, a Kids Hammock with Stand can have many benefits.

1. Help With Getting To Sleep

Many parents find the gentle swinging motion of a kids hammock helps to put their little one to sleep. That is backed up with a hammock sleep study from the University of Geneva that showed the rocking motion of the hammock can help you get to sleep faster. A child’s hammock can help to calm and sooth even the crankiest of babies or if they have a special need. Some even claim that using a hammock has helped with their child’s colic or wind.

2. Save Space

As a bed or rest area, a Children’s Hammock with Stand can save space and is portable enough to use when visiting family or travelling.

3. It Is Super Portable

Children can enjoy using their hammock both indoors and outdoors due to the compact and lightweight nature of most kids hammocks. You can also use them in multiple areas of your house.

If you already have somewhere to hang it from and don’t want to move the hammock around, you could consider a kids hanging swing chair. Hammock chairs are a great alternative rest area and can take up less space.

pink childrens hanging swing chair

Safety tips for using a Children’s Hammock with Stand

Like all children’s items, it is important a few guidelines are followed to ensure your Kids Hammock with Stand is used safely.

1. Consider the risk of your little one falling from their hammock.

The general rule for hammocks to avoid nasty accidents from falls is to:

  • Hang your hammock no higher than you are willing to fall.
  • Hang it above a flat surface without sharp objects beneath it.

As your hammock comes with a stand, hanging it too high shouldn’t be a problem as they are only a couple of inches off the ground. However don’t be tempted to put it on table to save space thinking they won’t fall out of it.

2. Getting caught in too much material or the netting holes of some hammocks.

For this reason, it is best to avoid rope hammocks for children and buy a purpose made Children’s Hammock with Stand. It won’t have the abundance of material that an adult hammock may have for children to get caught inside.

toddlers sitting on a rope hammock

3. Hang the hammocks in places that are sturdy enough to hold the user

Using a Children’s Hammock with Stand eliminates the dangers of the hammock falling should it not be secured to an appropriate place.

The supplied sturdy stand will be fine to use anywhere you can find a flat surface as long as you note the quoted weight rating.

Frequently Asked Questions About Children’s Hammock with Stands?


Can a child sleep in a hammock with stand?

It is fine for a toddler to sleep in a hammock with stand. As long as the hammock is designed for toddler use and doesn’t have additional fabric causing a suffocation risk. It is not recommended or proven to be safe, for a baby to sleep in a hammock.

Are hammocks with stands good for kids?

Hammocks with stands are a great way for kids to relax due to the gentle rocking motion they can create. You can give them their own private space to read a book or watch their favorite television show while you take some time off too.

What is the weight limit of a children’s hammock with stand?

A children’s hammock with stand will generally have a weight rating of between 70 and 95 pounds. However you should consult the manufacturers information to confirm exactly what your hammock is able to safely support.
children playing on a beach hammock

What are kids rocking hammocks made from?

Kids rocking hammocks will generally be made from a durable cotton or polyester fabric for the bedding. The kids rocking hammock stand can be made from either metal or wooden products.

How much does a kids hammock with stand cost?

A kids hammock with stand will generally cost between 50 and 100 dollars.

Are hammocks with stands safe for toddlers?

Hammocks with stands that are designed for toddlers specifically are safe for them to relax and sleep in. Adult hammocks should however be used under strict supervision. The additional rope and fabric in adult hammocks can cause a potential strangulation and suffocation hazard.