About Us


Hi, We’re Liam and Anna.

Welcome to Hammock Chillout, the place to find expert reviews to help you choose your perfect hammock.  

Hammock Chillout was started after we spent many hours searching for the perfect hammock. We had just returned from backpacking through South America where we spent more than our fair share of time relaxing in tree hammocks in Argentina and taking siestas in a Brazilian Hammock by the coastline.

Needless to say, when we returned home, we were pretty keen to find the best backyard hammock for relaxing outside, a hammock swing for our porch and even a sleeping hammock which we found to be so awesome for a good nights rest.

As our passion for hammocks grew, we just knew we had to share this with others to help them find the best hammock for their needs and so Hammock Chillout was born as a space to share our knowledge in helpful reviews and hammock how to guides.

How We Review The Best Hammocks

When it comes to hammocks, we’ve road tested a fair few and safe to say not all hammocks are made equal. So when we’re reviewing hammocks, just what do we look for to inform our choice about what is the best hammock?

Types Of Hammocks

Firstly, we base our choices on the type of hammock we are after. What we look for in a camping hammock is different to what we would like in a hammock chair or double hammock with stand. We review all types of hammocks, so you can be sure we have an article already written or we plan to do one for the type of hammock you are seeking.

You will see our hammocks are broken into categories that we think cover most needs. These are:

  • General Hammocks – This category covers both indoor and outdoor hammocks, hammocks with stands, double hammocks, portable hammocks, folding hammocks and hammocks with canopies just to name a few.
  • Camping Hammocks – including camping hammocks tents, hammocks with mosquito nets and travel hammocks, like the backpacking hammock.
  • Hammock Chairs – covering everything from swing chairs to pod swings and beautiful looking hanging chairs for rooms.
  • Unique Hammocks – This category is for those looking for something a little different. Maybe you want an under desk hammock to use at the office, a hitch hammock for your truck or an air hammock to use on the beach. 
  • Accessories – Our accessories category covers a range of stand options for both traditional hammocks and swing chairs, as well as items for hanging such as hammock tree straps and products to use with your hammock like hammock sleeping bags, bug nets and underquilts.
  • How To Hammock Guides – This area answers all your hammock questions like how to hang a hammock indoors without drilling, how to get out of a hammock and tips for sleeping in a hammock with a partner.

Hammock Capacity

The weight capacity of a single hammock chair is likely to be less than say that of a double hammock with stand.

To add to this, some types of hammocks hold more weight than others depending on the hanging style and materials used e.g. wooden hammock stands versus a hammock frame made of steel. 

We feature capacity information in as many of our reviews as possible to help you make the right choice for your needs. 

Hammock Material

You might be familiar with the standard Brazilian Hammock usually made of cotton, but did you know you can buy hammocks in a wide range of materials? We review:

  • Rope Hammocks
  • Macrame Hanging Chairs
  • Wicker Hanging Chairs
  • Waterproof Hammocks
  • Cargo Net Hammocks
  • Aluminium Hammock Stands
  • Wooden Hammocks Stands
  • Steel Hammock Stands

And much more to help you find the most comfortable hammock. 

Hanging Style

Hammocks come in a wide range of hanging styles from those that require tree straps to freestanding hammocks that come with their own stand.

Perhaps you don’t want to damage walls and prefer an indoor hammock chair with stand or you don’t have any trees or posts in your backyard and need a hammock and stand.

 We include a variety of options in our reviews so you can find the best hammock for your home, garden or travel.