Contrary to popular belief, you can get comfortable in a hammock even if you’re a stomach or side sleeper.

Many people have difficulty sleeping in the curved shape that you get when sleeping in a traditional hammock for extended periods. Some people even find it can leave them with lower back pain if not hung correctly.

If you are a stomach or side sleeper, it can be even harder again to sleep or get comfortable when you can’t lie flat for spine alignment.

Flat lay hammocks have a different shape to regular cocoon styled hammocks. They have additional support that can give you more stability and a flatter bed setting for a great afternoon nap, or a top nights sleep.

In this article I’ll review the best lay flat hammocks for camping and backyard use.

Reviews of the Best Lay Flat Hammocks for Sleeping

Generally flat lying hammocks have additional support through poles or structure to get the flatter bed surface, with the associated heavier and less portable product.

However I’ve reviewed a couple of hammocks to lie flat in that are also suitable for hiking. You won’t need to hire someone to carry it for you.

Here’s my picks for the best lie flat hammocks for a range of outdoor uses.

The Best Lay Flat Hammocks for Camping

The products I’ve chosen below are designed for outdoor use and suitable to take on a camping or hiking adventure. Ease of setup and portability make these flat sleeping hammocks ideal for a camping trip.

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock and Tent (Rainfly and Bug Net Included)

The unique design enables the Lawson hammock some tent functionality while not sacrificing much on weight. The combination of the arch poles and spreader bars offer the flatter surface for sleeping.

The attachment points for the rain fly and bug net are a handy addition making it my top pick for camping flat lay hammocks.

For additional stability, staking the corners can give the added stability if you roll around during the night. This hammock offers comfort, stability and functionality in a single package and is my top pick for a lay flat camping hammock.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up PROS:
  • Able to suspend or use on the ground
  • Lots of room – interior dimensions 90” long x 42” wide
    • Suggest 6’4” max height of sleeper due to the tapered ends
  • Side tie downs available to add stability through staking
  • Bug Net and Rain Fly Included
Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down CONS:
  • Weight: 4lb 15oz with straps
  • Packing size: 22” x 6 “

Skyin Flat Laying Hammock

If packing size and weight are a greater consideration for your camping adventure, and you can sacrifice the rain fly and bug net functionality, the Skyin lay flat hammock is a great option.

This flat sleep hammock lacks spreader bars to flatten out the side surfaces around you, however, the patented design allows your head and torso to stay slightly elevated while your legs stay flat.

The design removes pressure on the lower back from the more common C shaped hammock sleeping position.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up PROS:
  • Lightweight, compact and comfortable
  • Heavy duty interlocking stitches for 500lb rating
  • Design allows removed of the C shaped sleeping position
  • Quick drying material
  • Side sleepers can use it
Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down CONS:
  • Not as flat as other options so it will not fix the problem for a stomach sleeper due to the elevated head and torso area
  • There is a seam in between the foot wells, so if you are planning to use with insulation or a sleeping pad you may have to get creative to make it fit well

The Best Flat Lay Hammocks for the Backyard, Patio or Deck

Lay flat hammocks are not only useful for camping where you need a good nights sleep to function properly the following day. A good backyard hammock can give you somewhere to relax and read a book, or take a nap.

Here’s my top picks for the best sleep flat hammocks for the home.


The Best 2 Person Lay Flat Hammock With Stand

These 2 person lay flat hammocks are great for the backyard if you want a quiet area to relax with your partner. With the addition of  a stand, you don’t even need trees to make the most of these.

Sorbus Hammock with Stand & Spreader Bars and Detachable Pillow

This high quality, heavy duty 2 person hammock and stand combo is the perfect addition to the backyard if you want a spacious hammock you can spend many hours in relaxing or sleeping.

However, it is best suited for someone looking for a hammock to put on a balcony or undercover area unless you are happy to remove the hammock from the stand between uses.

The large bed area (75” x 55”), high weight rating (450 lbs) and heavy duty cotton and stand mean it was built to last, and you can put it anywhere without the need for hanging points. 

This lie flat hammock with stand offers a comfortable and sturdy backyard sleeping solution.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up PROS:
  • High 2 person weight rating (450lbs)
  • Comfortable, soft fabric, large area for the 2 person bed
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Solid Wood spreader bars
  • UV resistant dye for the cotton bed
  • Weather resistant materials for outdoor use
Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down CONS:
  • Lacks a removable pad (pillow only removable) – While it has weather resistance, rope hammocks may be a better option if you plan to have the hammock exposed to the elements all the time. Alternatively you can remove the bed from the stand when not in use.

The Best 1 Person Flat Lay Hammock With Stand

If you don’t want the extra surface area or weight capacity for two people, single lay flat hammocks take up less room and are designed for 1 person at a time which can make them more comfortable for individuals.

Sunnydaze Cotton Rope Freestanding Hammock with 12 Foot Portable Steel Stand and Spreader Bar, Pad and Pillow

For a single person lay flat hammock, this sunnydaze cotton hammock is hard to go by. The pillow and pad is removable so you can place this hammock (with rope and stand) outdoors in the elements rather than undercover without worrying about deterioration.

The 275 lb weight limit is ok for the average person, and with quality cotton and steel tubing, the hammock is portable and built to last.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up PROS:
  • Large hammock bed (76” L x 52” W)
  • Wooden Spreader Bars
  • Highly portable with the stand inclusion
Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down CONS:
  • It can be difficult to fit initially by stretching the hammock between the 2 mounting hooks. After laying in it and stretching it out it is great for future use.

The Best 2 Person Lay Flat Hammocks Without Stands

If you got plenty of attachment points in the home or backyard, here’s some great 2 person, flat lay hammock only options. Hammock straps are a great option to give you more attachment points at the right distance to hang these properly.

Best Choice Products 2-Person Woven Cotton Rope with Spreader Bars

If you don’t need the stand and are looking for a hammock you can leave out in the elements, this cotton rope lay flay hammock ticks the boxes. The thick cotton rope and hardwood spreader bars ensure you have a hammock that is durable with comfort in mind.

With a 450lb weight rating and the large hammock bed, it’s a great addition to the backyard but consider the loose weave if you have children using the hammock.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up PROS:
  • Rope only bed without material or padding makes it more resistant to the elements to maintain its look. For best results, a can of outdoor scotch guard will help out
  • Soft rope makes it very comfortable
  • 450 lbs and large bed for 2 people
Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down CONS:
  • For smaller people or kids, the loose weave and soft rope can end up with gaps in the hammock that are too large for small people

Sunnydaze Quilted Fabric 2 Person Hammock with Spreader Bar

If you don’t like the look of the rope hammocks, or get frustrated with limbs disappearing through the holes, the sunnydaze 2 person hammock has you covered. If you have kids, it may stop their bums from slipping through the holes of a loosely woven rope hammock. With a large bed space and a 450lb weight capacity, the eye pleasing colors make it a great resting space for the patio or back yard.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up PROS:

  • Polyester hammock bed without the holes in the weave you get from a rope hammock
  • The fabric dries fast from the rain
  • Large bed space – 74” L x 55 “ W
  • Soft and comfortable padding and pillow
  • Heavy duty 450lbs weight capacity
  • UV resistant dye to minimise fading

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down CONS:

  • Best to bring inside after use the hammock is not stored undercover

Things To Consider When Buying A Lay Flat Hammock

Lie flat hammocks come in a range of shapes and sizes with different designs to achieve the flatter sleeping surface. The combination of additional mounting points, spreader bars and poles, carefully designed stitching and hammock sleeping pads can take the curve out of the traditional hammock shape. Here’s a few points to consider when buying a flat lay hammock:

1. Spreader Bars

Flat hammocks with spreader bars assist by giving a larger, flatter surface sleep on. They are easier to get in and out of, and can dry quicker by having the fabric separated. The negatives of the spreader bars are an increase in size and weight which is not ideal if you are looking to take it hammock camping.
Man laying flat on spreader bar hammock
Some people also have difficulty getting balanced in hammock with spreader bars but a little practice and familiarity will fix that.

2. Support Poles

When used in conjunction with spreader bars, can generate the large flat surface as well as adding attachment points for canopies or bug nets.

3. Additional Compartments

For the campers among you, some lay flat hammocks come with additional storage compartments that hang down from the edges of the hammock, which is not something I’ve seen on traditional hammocks.

4. Additional Attachment Points

Lay flat hammocks can come with additional attachment points rather than spreader poles to flatten the sleep surface, however it can reduce your ability to find a suitable place to hang it.

5. Pack Up Size and Weight

The use of additional attachment points, bars and poles can quickly increase the packing size and weight which may be a consideration for hiking and camping.

6. Weight Rating

The weight rating can be especially important if you are looking for a 2 person lay flat hammock. Generally the 2 person options will range from 450 – 500 lbs, where the single person options will generally be 300lbs or less.
2 people laying on flat lay hammock with spreader bars

Frequently Asked Questions About Lay Flat Hammocks


Can you lay flat in a hammock?

Yes. The combination of the right type of hammock and hanging it correctly means you can lay flat in a hammock. Some hammocks are designed with additional poles and support to achieve a flat surface. With enough tension, you achieve a flat surface.
lady laying flat across hammock at beach

What are flat hammocks called?

Spreader bar hammocks are sometimes called flat hammocks because they don’t wrap around you as much as a traditional cocoon shaped hammock (such as the Brazilian style hammock). However there are also hammocks designed specifically for flat sleeping surfaces with additional support poles.  

How do you sleep a hammock diagonally?

  1. Ensure the hammock is correctly hung with tension for 30 degree angles to anchor points
  2. Climb into the center of the hammock, aligned in the middle
  3. Move your head and feet 20 degrees off the hammock center axis. The diagonal will achieve a flatter sleep surface.
lady laying flat diagonally across spreader bar hammock

Can a side sleeper use a hammock?

A side sleeper can use a cocoon style hammock (such as Brazilian style) if it is correctly hung, and they sleep across the diagonal axis of the hammock. Alternatively they should invest in a hammock designed specifically for a flat sleeping surface like the Lawson Blue Ridge.  

How do you make a hammock flat?

The best way to make a hammock flat is to hang it correctly, and lie diagonally across the hammock. The hammock should hang with tension for 30 degree angles between the hammock and anchor points. Your body should be 20 degrees off the hammock axis.

So What Is The Best Lay Flat Hammock For Sleeping Or Resting?

If you aren’t sure a flat lay hammock is for you, you can see reviews of Brazilian, Mayan, Carribean and Nicaraguan hammocks here. Otherwise, there are a range of 1 and 2 person lay flat hammocks with different designs and functionality available to solve the issue of the C shape you get from using more traditional hammocks.

For camping, if weight or space is not a consideration then the Lawson Hammock is the pick of the bunch. If you don’t need a bug net or need to save weight, the Skyin Hammock is a great option.

For back yard use, the best 2 person lay flat hammocks are the Sorbus Heavy Duty with Stand, the Best Choice Woven Rope Hammock or the Sunnydaze Quilted Hammock depending on if you want a stand, whether it will be stored undercover and the look of hammock you like.

For a single person lie flat hammock with a stand, the Sunnydaze Cotton Rope Hammock with removable pad and pillow is the way to go.