Do you wish you could keep the unwanted sun and bugs away while you are relaxing in your hammock?

What if we told you that you could have an all-in-one solution to shelter, and a space to sleep or lounge in when you go camping or chilling in the back yard?

Barring wet weather, camping is an all-year round favorite activity. Whether your camping expedition has taken you as far as your own backyard or into the great outdoors—it’s always a fun time. But when the question of where to sleep arises, there’s always a million questions buzzing in everyone’s minds.

  • How to keep oneself safe from the bugs that come out at night?
  • How can we possibly trek to the spot lugging around heavy tents and sleeping bags?

A hammock with a canopy is definitely the solution.

It is imperative that you are mindful of picking a hammock with a canopy that is durable, portable and easy to assemble and disassemble. Fret not, I’ve done the research for you and have picked out the best hammocks with canopies, ideal for your next camping or outdoor trip! It is outdoor fun for everyone.

white Outdoor Double Hammock Beds with Stand and Canopy

Camping Hammock with Canopy and Bug Screen

Reviews For The 7 Best Hammocks with Canopy

We’ve rounded up the different types of hammocks with canopies available to buy and categorized them for your ease of understanding. While all of them come with superior features of their own, it is important to choose what best suits your needs.


Portable Foldable Hammock with Canopy and Stand

As mentioned above, portability is a huge factor when you invest in a hammock with a canopy.

What sets the below two hammocks apart from the rest is their foldability- allowing for an easier portability, set-up and pack-up. No screws and bolts needed here—hammock comfort is just a few folds away!

ZENITHEN LIMITED Red Folding Hammock with a Retractable Canopy

Under a minute from opening your Amazon parcel to lounging in a hammock—now, isn’t that the dream? The heavy-duty steel frame of this hammock supports the teathered polyester body with a padded air mesh sling to rest your body comfortably against.

The smart retractable canopy design keeps the sun off your face too.

They’ve thought it all through—there are a couple of cup holders within arm’s reach too! Take it along with you to the beach or prop it up in your backyard and relax with a chilled beer or drink.

All you have to do is fold it back into its self-enclosing carry sling. It really doesn’t get easier than this!

Product advantages and likes thumbs up   PROS:
  • Self-enclosing sling for easy portability and set up
  • Impressive construction and hammock design
  • Value for money
  • Effective shade from the retractable canopy
Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down   CONS:
  • May not be ideal for tall people 
  • Heavy to carry (but the easy set up makes up for it)

MacSports Portable Fold Up Hammock with Removable Canopy & Carry Case

Unpack and unwind with this MacSports Foldable outdoor hammock with canopy. Unlike other foldable hammocks with canopies, the canopy on this one extends all the way across your body, ensuring complete shade and no wonky tan lines! With a heavy-duty collapsible steel frame and durable fabric supporting the mesh shelf, this hammock is the new standard against which all your afternoon naps will be measured! Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the collapsible design allows you to move it as you please. The cool blue color is calming, and this hammock is ideal for taking along with you to the beach or just to lounge in your backyard.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up   PROS:

  • Collapsible steel frame with a carry bag for easy portability and set up
  • Safety feature unique to this model to prevent tipping on entry or exit
  • Canopy extending throughout, with option of complete removal 
  • Works for taller individuals too

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down   CONS:

  • Minimal swinging motion with 4 attachment points

Outdoor Single Hammock Beds with Canopy and Bug Screen

Like being out in nature in the evenings, but hate getting bitten by mosquitos? There’s a hammock bed that will make you feel right at home in your backyard with a canopy and bug screen included. Outdoor relaxation doesn’t get better than this!

Abba Patio Outdoor Swing Hammock with Mosquito Net

There’s nothing quite comparable to that feeling of being out in nature all through the night, without having the mosquito love bites to show for it! This outdoor hammock permits you to do just that.

Allowing for a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs and with a weather resistant body, you’re not going to want to move this from your backyard. However, if need be, it is simple enough to detach and transport.

The hanging swing lulls you off into a restful slumber and its anti-mosquito and bug netting provides you with the privacy and protection you need.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up   PROS:

  • Easy assembly and tool-free set up due to numbered parts and clear instructions 
  • Top of the canopy blocks out sunlight effectively
  • Value for money 

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down   CONS:

  • Compared to other portable hammocks with canopies, it is a longer process to put together, less portable and heavier. But this has an anti-bug net!


Outdoor Double Hammock Beds with Stand and Canopy

If you’re looking for a hammock bed for you and your special someone in your backyard, we’ve got just the options for you! You can even set it up without having to wait for a pair of trees to grow. Afternoon naps are going to have a whole new meaning after this. 

Sunnydaze Double Chaise Outdoor Lounge Bed with Canopy

Vacation vibes at home – that’s exactly what the Sunnydaze double hammock bed emanates! The cabana inspired canopy design of this lounge bed keeps the sun away, making it perfect to read a book, have a drink (and then some) or just nap the day away. The durable steel frame, the comfortable and supportive fabric that can hold up to 440 lbs and the pillows provided immediately transport you to a beach utopia! While it is a 50 lbs heavy lounge bed, it is still quite easy to move around thanks to the provision of wheels on its rear end.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up   PROS:

  • Large size easily accommodating two people 
  • Stylish cabana-style design 
  • Durable and easy to assemble 
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning 
  • Wheels at the back allow for easier transportation

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down   CONS:

  • Assembly is not tool-less as mentioned
  • Heavy product, therefore, not highly portable but the wheels make it moveable


Abba Patio Outdoor Double Chaise Lounge with Adjustable Canopy

This large weather resistant double lounge bed with its adjustable canopy is the hammock of choice for many! Spending time in your courtyard cannot get more relaxing than this. The ergonomic design of this hammock permits you to sleep just how you would like to, without having to wake up the next day with aches and pains. The canopy is expansive and is made of polyester, blocking out the UV rays, thereby keeping you protected from the sun.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up   PROS:

  • Durable frame and fabric 
  • Tilting canopy allows for easy adjustments and maneuvering based on the sun’s position
  • Ergonomic design allowing for sleeping in desired position
  • Large enough to comfortably fit two people
  • Wheels at the back allow for easier transportation

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down   CONS:

  • Table and pillows can be purchased at an additional cost 
  • Heavy product, therefore, not highly portable however the wheels make it moveable


Camping Hammock with Canopy and Bug Screen

If you’re someone who loves camping and are on a budget, here’s a couple of brilliant camping hammocks with canopies, made for you!

What’s best is that all of the three (very economical) options below also come with bug screens to keep away the pesky bugs that would otherwise keep you up all night, when out in the great outdoors. 

OUTFANDIA Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

Deemed a must-have in your camping survival kit, this camping hammock with a canopy and bug screen ticks all the right boxes! Who likes to carry their tool set with them when out camping? To set this up, the kit has everything you could possibly need- right from ropes to carabiners. Trek up to the location of your choice. The parachute-like 210T Nylon material makes it quite lightweight (17 lbs), without compromising on durability. Unlike other hammocks, this even boasts a weight capacity of up to 660 lbs!

Product advantages and likes thumbs up   PROS:

  • Effective mosquito net of superior quality
  • Impressive construction and hammock design 
  • Extremely budget friendly 
  • The green color is ideal for the outdoor camping setting!

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down   CONS:

  • Despite the 660 lbs weight allowance, this is not very comfortable for use as a double camping hammock with canopy


Ridge Outdoor Gear Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

This versatile camping hammock is the convertible of camping hammocks – can be used to sit in and relax during the day and then converts into a swinging bed with a mosquito net at night!

The stronger Dynalon fabric is far smoother and more durable than the nylons conventionally associated with camping hammocks.

The aluminum carabiners allow for an easy setup without any ropes and knots. And when you’re done, it all packs up into a small and lightweight travel-friendly pouch.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up   PROS:

  • Tree trunk-friendly straps and superior dynalon fabric of hammock
  • Lightweight aluminum carabiners instead of the conventional steel 
  • Budget friendly
  • Impressive construction and hammock design 
  • Available in a variety of colors to choose from

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down   CONS:

  • Mosquitos could bite from the bottom of the hammock (to prevent this, the use of a sleeping pad to line the hammock is recommended)

Things to Consider before you Buy a Hammock with Canopy

It’s not difficult to get confused by the dizzying array of options of hammocks with a canopy out there, so narrowing down based on these top five factors will help you make more of an informed decision.


Depending on the intended use of your new hammock with canopy, you can easily thin out your picks.

Some people just want to lay around their back yards in their swinging hammock with canopy. Others may need a more heavy-duty folding outdoor hammock with a canopy and bug screen to carry along with them for a camping trip that would last a few days.

Based on what you plan on using the hammock for, the specifications you need to focus on will change.

If the canopy is not essential for you, you should check out our reviews of outdoor hammock beds with various styles most suited to back yard usage.

Ease of Assembly & Disassembly 

If you will be using your hammock with canopy for camping purposes, one thing you have to ensure is that it is easy to put together and take apart. Most of the products on this list are quite easy to assemble from when it is delivered at your doorstep, just by popping them up.

Others may involve putting in a few bolts to secure the hammock. A complicated assembly and disassembly process are not ideal for a semi-permanent sleeping arrangement when you’re out in the wild!


Investing in a portable hammock with a canopy is always a wise option so you can easily carry it around with you when you go camping or if you just want to move it from one spot to another in your backyard.

However, if you are sure that you won’t be moving your hammock and just intend on using it as an outdoor hammock bed with a canopy for shade during those mid-day siestas, go for a wooden hammock with a stand and canopy instead.

Weight Rating 

Another consideration is the weight rating and how many people can actually jump in the hammock with you. On average, single person hammocks with a canopy can hold an average of 250 to 330 lbs based on the brand.

However, if you want to use the hammock with your family or cuddle alongside your significant other, think of getting one with a higher weight allowance of up to 500 lbs.


The cost points for hammocks with canopies vary differently based on the functions they serve.

For instance, the cheapest would be a camping hammock with canopy won’t even set you back by $50 while a foldable hammock with a canopy can cost between $120 to $175.

If you’re looking for an outdoor swing hammock with a canopy to be placed in your backyard, it costs more than the rest of the options, sometimes reaching up to $290!

So What Is The Best Hammock With Canopy For You?

It is worth thinking a bit about how you intend to use your hammock with canopy before buying one to ensure you get the best product for your needs.


If you’re looking for good portability and easy tool-less installation, consider a foldable hammock with canopy. The ZENITHEN LIMITED Red Folding Hammock or alternatively the MacSports Portable Fold Up Hammock, both of which come with canopies, could easily be fitted in your backyard or at the beach, wherever you fancy!


Now, if you have a permanent space chalked out for your hammock, why not consider a single canopied hammock like Abba Patio Outdoor Swing Hammock?


If you want it to fit two people for a backyard hammock solution, the Sunnydaze Double Chaise Outdoor Lounge Bed or alternatively the Abba Patio Outdoor Double Chaise Lounge may be just right.


On the other hand, if your only goal with investing on a canopied hammock is to go out camping, you will need a hammock with both a canopy as well as a mosquito net. OUTFANDIA’s camping hammock and the Ridge Outdoor Gear’s Camping Hammocks both offer canopies hammocks with mosquito nets!