Ever had that mental picture of cuddling up against your significant other, a kid or a furry friend on a hammock? Well, that no longer needs to be just a fantasy with a good-quality 2 person hammock with wooden stand.

Be it in your backyard or out on the balcony – in addition to looking great, wood frame hammocks are insanely durable and functional too. Plus, you need not worry about finding a tree or investing in a frame separately. You get all you need when you opt for one of these wood arc hammock stand beauties.

A Few Points to Consider Before Buying a 2 Person Hammock with Wooden Stand

Yes, double hammocks with wood stands are durable, functional and aesthetically pleasing, but they are most often at the higher end of hammock budgets. As they are slightly more expensive (though there are budget-friendly options available too), be sure that you get exactly the specifications you’re looking for. If the wooden stand is too expensive, we’ve reviewed a range of other 2 person hammocks with stands of various styles to suit any budget. Below are a few things to look into when you are weighing up the options in a handy buyers guide:


The Wooden Stand 

One of the two most important elements of a wood frame hammock to consider is the stand. The stand can be made from many different types of wood including European Larch Wood which is most commonly seen. They tend to be on the cheaper end of the spectrum without compromising on durability and when treated with a finish like teak, they look incredible. Another option is the solid wood pine stand which feels just as great as it looks.


Fabric of the Hammock 

The next important component to consider is the fabric which makes up the swinging portion of the hammock. Again, this comes in a variety of options – the most popular being cotton and polyester or a blend of the two. Both fabrics are easy to clean and maintain. With the choice of fabric, determine beforehand if you intend on leaving the 2 person hammock with wooden stand outdoors all year long. If that is your plan, you should invest in a hammock with reviews asserting that the fabric does not fade on sun or moisture exposure.


Accessories provided 

When looking from a comfort perspective for double hammocks with a wood stand, there are a few additions you might want to consider. If you live in a particularly sunny area, getting one with a UV resistant canopy will be helpful for those mid-day summer siestas.


Weight Allowance 

Given that we’re only looking at double hammocks with wood stands, it must offer to support a minimum weight allowance of 350lbs. A few options easily hold up to 450 lbs. See what best works for you and your cuddle buddy!



Wood frame hammocks are available in a variety of styles and it would be wise to pick one based on what would suit the space you choose to keep it in the best. While the more casual varieties have colorful Brazilian hammocks to offset the wooden frame, the more premium options stick to a more demure cream color palette.

Reviews For The Best 2 Person Hammocks with Wooden Stands 

Amp up your outdoor spaces with some of these best rated Double hammocks with wooden stands – they’re all aesthetically beautiful, functional and durable. And also the perfect cuddle spot for 2!

2 Person Rope Hammock With Wooden Stand

Embrace the boho chic look with this 2 person rope hammock with wooden stand, which is sure to complement any outdoor space.

Petra Leisure 14 Ft. Wooden Arc Hammock Stand + Deluxe Hand Woven Bohemian Chic Rope Hammock Bed

Invite the tropical vibes and cherish those vacay-like summer siestas in the comfort of your home with this beauty. Comfortably accommodating 2 individuals and allowing for a weight limit of up to 450 lbs, this coffee-stained wooden frame hammock boasts a frame made of European larch wood. It is also water treated to limit the deteriorating effects of moisture and exposure to rain and snow, lest you decide to leave it outdoors all year long.

The handwoven cotton fabric hammock ensures comfort to the user/s. In addition to the above advantages, this hammock fabric can be used by suspension between trees to increase the versatility.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up PROS:

  • Aesthetic boho appearance to add character to your space
  • Durable European larch wood stand for long lasting comfort
  • Wood is treated to reduce fading and prevent mold
  • Comfortable cotton fabric hammock – no rope marks on your back
  • Can be used with or without stand for versatility
  • Supports 2 people weighing up to 450 lbs

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down CONS:

  • It can flip over if you weight is not in the middle
  • Only one color combination to choose from

2 Person Cotton Hammock With Wooden Stand

Fancy a Brazilian style hammock to sleep two complete with a wooden stand? This 2 person cotton hammock with wooden stand might just be the one for you!

Vivere C8SPCT-24 Solid Combo Wood Hammock

With several vibrant colors and patterns of hammocks to choose from offsetting the arc-shaped wooden stand made of FSC-certified lumber, it doesn’t get better than this. Cuddle alongside a loved one in this hammock that’s wide enough and supports a weight of up to 450 lbs.

The cotton bed is supported by resilient polyester strings which play a major role in the functionality as well as aesthetics. What’s best is the hammock can be adjusted easily to the height that suits the user best – a few people love feeling cocooned by the fabric while others want things a little more airy. Take your pick with this 2 person cotton hammock with wooden stand.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up


  • Adjustable hammock length and hang which is great for when the hammock stretches with time
  • Stylish design
  • Durable FSC-certified lumber stand
  • Can easily accommodate two people up to 450 lbs
  • Slightly more economical to other 2 person hammocks with wooden stand options
  • Can be used all year long without fading or losing structure
  • Available in several colors and patterns

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down CONS:

  • Inadequate instructions for assembly and disassembly

  • Restricted swinging motion

2 Person Hammock With Wooden Stand And Canopy

If saving the best for last is a thing, this 2 person hammock with wooden stand and canopy is purposely left to the end of this list.

Leisure Season HSWC115-1 Hammock Stand With Hammock and Canopy

Made for those sunny summer days, this has protection guaranteed with the UV-resistant canopy. Lazing in the sun doesn’t get better or more comfortable than this. The stunning and contemporary art deco design of this hammock elevates the look of any outdoor space while adding a spot for two people to rest in. Talk about design and functionality!

This 2 person hammock with wooden stand and canopy is built to last outdoors with supreme water resilience and resistance to sun exposure. As they say, come rain, hail or shine! The fabric portion of the hammock is ergonomically designed using textiline fabric to cradle the users’ backs, making it a popular choice for people to even use as a replacement bed!

The hammock can support the weight of 2 people weighing up to 350 lbs. The simple assembly process with no additional hardware required ensures that you get to start hammocking as soon as your Amazon parcel reaches your doorstep.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up


  • Contemporary art deco design with superb aesthetics
  • Sturdy larch wood stand with 1-year warranty for peace of mind
  • UV resistant removable canopy for sun protection and comfort
  • Great for use all year long due to weather resistant properties
  • Ergonomic textiline hammock
  • No extra hardware required for installation

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down CONS:

  • Weight allowance of 350 lbs to accommodate 2 people – while it is an average 2 person weight, it is at the lower end of 2 person hammock ratings.
  • Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hammocks with Wooden Stands

Let us take a look at some of the common concerns that people have when it comes to hammocks that have stands made from wood.

Is it alright to leave my wood frame hammock outdoors all year long?

  • Answer: This is highly dependent on a combination of factors, but it would be advised to keep the hammock indoors in storage during the harsh summer and extreme winter months/days. This contributes to an increase in the longevity of the hammock.


How can I clean and maintain a double hammock with a wooden stand?

  • Answer: While detailed care instructions are usually provided by the manufacturers, wood frame hammocks are rather straightforward in terms of their upkeep. The fabric on the hammock can be taken apart and washed in the machine while the wooden stand, which most often comes treated, can be wiped down with a damp cloth since it is mold resistant.


A 2 person hammock with wooden stand can be the perfect addition to the backyard offering comfort, style, durability, and room for you and your loved one. They even come in styles including Carribean and Brazilian, with the option of a canopy to keep the UV and heat away.