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Free Standing Hammock – 5 Reasons Why You Need One


Free standing hammocks - why you need one!

Free standing hammocks are those which use stands, instead of trees, to hang. As with regular hammocks, free standing hammocks are ideal vessels for relaxation and comfort. While they are not at the mercy of nature’s conveniently-located trees, they feel just as naturally comfortable when you lie in them. This makes free standing hammocks the ideal choice for those of us with few to no trees in our yards. If you’re debating whether you’ll want such a hammock with stand included, here are some general pros and cons of these bastions of comfort.


Free Standing Hammock Pros and Cons


Pros of a Free Standing Hammock

  • You can get the relaxation of a hammock!
  • The stand often may be portable.
  • There’s no need for two conveniently-located trees for hanging.
  • They may be moved to accommodate seasonal changes.
  • Hammocks and stands can often be switched out or changed individually.

Cons of a Free Standing Hammock

  • They’re usually extra costly when compared to standard hammocks.
  • They often come with lower max weight restrictions than standard hammocks.
  • Some stands can be incredibly heavy or high-maintenance.

You might ask, when given the option between the two types of hammocks, why should you get a free standing hammock? Here’s a look at five very good reasons to consider getting yourself one of these lovely leisure spots.


5 Reasons to Get a Free Standing Hammock


1) The Relaxation Of A Hammock

You get all the benefits of a traditional hammock! As a quick reminder, hammocks can often aid with sleep, are great places to read a book or toy with a tablet, and offer a temporary getaway when stress is high.

If you want to know more about the benefits of hammocks, we’ve covered this topic in other articles as well.

2) Portability

Unlike the trees used to hang traditional hammocks, many hammock stands are highly portable and aren’t expected to stay in one spot! If you don’t like the angle of the sun while you’re in your hammock, you can move the stand someplace to accommodate. If you want to position the hammock under the only tree nearby for shade, you can do that too.

Some free standing hammocks have highly portable designs, and some even fold up and are lightweight to encourage use during backpacking and camping. Portability is a strong argument for getting hammock stands.

3) Lack of Natural Accommodations

free standing hammock ManWhen you think of hammocks, you likely think of something draped between two trees. But what if you don’t have two trees in good positions? Can you still enjoy the loveliness of a hammock?

Hammock and stand sets provide a treeless alternative! A free standing hammock includes a base to which you may attach your hammocks, eliminating the need for two conveniently located trees.

4) Seasonal Hammocks

Want to enjoy your hammock indoors in winter? Free standing hammocks can often be used indoors in winter and used outdoors in summer, depending on the materials used.

If you live in a more mild climate with cold winters and/or frequent rain, you might consider a hammock with a stand just in case you get that urge to enjoy a hammock when nature says “no.”

5) Adaptability and Versatility

Do you find the hammock’s current location unsuitable for any reason? If it has a stand, you can move the whole thing. Do you want to move the hammock indoors today? With a stand, that’s usually possible (depending on the size and build of that stand, of course!).

If you, for whatever reason, decide one hammock type is not right for you, you can replace it without replacing the stand. If your hammock stand becomes damaged or worn, you can replace it and keep the hammock.


Free Standing Hammock for Sale

If you think a free standing hammock might be just what you’re looking for, here’s one we’ve taken note of at HammockChillout. The Sunnydaze Desert Stripe Rope Hammock Combo with Stand, Pad, and Pillow is a great example of a free standing hammock. Since it sports the iconic rope-style construction, it comes with an extra comfortable pad to lie on. It’s rated to hold 275lbs max, and its overall bed size is 4’4″ x 6’4″. The hammock itself is only one part of the package, however.

sunnydaze rope free standing hammock

This stand for this hammock is easy to disassemble and comes in 5 parts. No tools are required for construction or deconstruction, so it’s a great match if you plan to move it around more than a few times. It’s a 12-foot stand, so you’ll need take its size into consideration when finding a place for it. Overall, it’s a sturdy steel construction that’ll last you for quite a while, so you can enjoy relaxing in your hammock for years to come.

Free standing hammock amazon


If you are wondering how easy it is to set up a free standing hammock, here we have a guide to how to assemble a free standing hammock should you want a tutorial!

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