Portable Hammock Stands offer a range of benefits for anyone enjoying the benefits of a hammock. When we think about hammocks, the first thing that often comes to mind is beach vacations. Covering your face with a hat, relaxing in a hammock while being by the beach. Be it resorts or outdoor camping, hammocks have a chilled out vibe that just cannot be replaced.

portable hammock stand


As we all know, a hammock is a bed that is either made out of rope or canvas, and suspended from both ends to support. But it is not always possible to find support when it is most required. Most of the hammocks that are found at resorts or restaurants are suspended from trees or poles that are fixed. These are permanent hammocks and do not need to be shifted from one place to another. But what if you want to take your hammock with you or move it around your house and yard? This is where a free standing hammock becomes the perfect solution.

You don’t have to go looking around for stable support. With the help of a portable hammock stand, you can suspend your hammock at any desired spot. So pick any location and set up your hammock in a jiffy.


Why use a portable hammock stand?

Think about all the wonderful locations where you would like to set your hammock up. Owning a portable hammock stand makes this possible.

  • Camping outdoors has become so convenient with the help of hammocks. Hammock camping is the next big thing. But your chosen or desired spot might not have support readily available. Sometimes trees are not the best option as they are either not available or the distance between two trees is not apt to suspend a hammock. Using a portable hammock stand makes it possible to turn any site into a camping site.

red and blue truck hitch hammocks on white trucks 

  • Do you like hitting the road often? Amazing road trips should never come to an end. Certain hammocks are designed to be attached to the back of a vehicle while travelling for the purpose of transportation. You can read more about specialised truck hammocks in our article here. Owning a portable hammock stand makes it possible to spend the night where you drive. If you are road tripping through a scenic place, you have the freedom to select a breathtaking spot and spend the night there under the stars, gazing at the infinite expanse of the night sky. Road trips have become even more memorable with portable hammock stands.
  • Outdoor music festivals and events are well known for the camping facilities provided and camping out with the rest of the revellers is an integral part of the entire experience, but rarely are attendees given access to trees to suspend their hammocks. With the help of a portable hammock stand, you can feel the complete essence of camping at these festivals.
  • A portable hammock stand makes for a very good alternative to trees. Certain places do not allow visitors to suspend hammocks from trees or if the right technique is not followed, it might cause potential damage to the trees. A lot of parks and reserves have banned the suspension of hammocks from trees, but that does not necessarily mean that hammocks are banned from these places altogether. With the help of a portable hammock stand, you can suspend your hammock anywhere and abide by all the rules while you enjoy the amazing experience of camping in a hammock.
portable hammock stand for camping
  • Desert camping has a thrill of its own. The endless, vast sand dunes and patterns on the sands makes it a very desirable spot for a night camping. But one of the main limitations of camping in a desert is the fact that there are either very few or no anchor points from which the hammock can be suspended. With the help of a portable hammock stand, you can easily suspend a hammock while camping in the desert.
  • Romantic Getaways are something that every couple always looks forward to. There’s nothing like spending the evening relaxing on a hammock with your partner by the slopes of a hill, staring into the clouds flowing above you. A hot cup of coffee or cool drink is just the thing one needs to make it the best moment of your life. All this can be made easily possible if you set up a portable hammock stand at the most strategic point for some privacy.


portable hammock stand for spreader hammock


Things to remember when buying a portable hammock stand:

Portability and set up: As we can see, the main purpose of a portable hammock stand is to provide anchor points and provide sturdy support to suspend hammocks. The main convenience lies in the fact that these hammock stands can be carried from one place to another. They are also extremely easy and quick to set up. We recommend looking for a portable hammock stand that comes with a carry case for easy transportation. If you don’t want the stand, there are other hammock in a bag options available for portable hammocking.

Hammock type: There are several kinds of portable hammock stands available on the market. Some are large enough to accommodate and provide suspension points for more than one hammock. To select the best portable hammock stand for your hammock, make sure you keep the measurements in mind. Think about whether you want to hang a traditional single hammock, a double hammock or even hammock chairs And finally, do not forget to keep the weight factor in mind. The poles supporting the hammock should be sturdy enough. It has to be stable and support the weight of the hammock and the person or persons in it.


Our Top 3 Portable Hammock Stand Recommendations:

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand

The Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand sets up in minutes without the use of any tools, making it a great choice for a portable hammock stand. The included hammock comes in a range of colors and fabric choices and the bonus of an included carry bag makes this hammock stand super portable.

With a 450-pound capacity, this option easily accommodates two people. The compact 9 foot frame makes it a great choice for those with limited space.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up PROS:

  • Seats 2 for double the enjoyment
  • 450-pound capacity
  • 9′ stand
  • Cotton, polyester or sunbrella fabric options depending on where you want to use it
  • Range of colors for any setting
  • Carry bag included for portability

Best Choice Products 9ft Portable Heavy-Duty Steel Hammock Stand 

The Best Choice Products 9ft Portable Heavy-Duty Steel Hammock Stand is a great option if you already have your own hammock to use or want the option of buying your own hammock. Its made from weather resistant powder-coated steel, making it perfect for using both indoors and out.

The included carry case makes it super portable and its easy to set up, so you can easily take it with you wherever you want to set your hammock up.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up PROS:

  • Dimensions: 115“(L) x 48“(W) x 43“(H)
  • 450-pound capacity
  • 9′ stand
  • You can put it anywhere suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Carry bag included for portability

Best Choice Products 15ft Steel Beam Hammock Stand

The Best Choice Products 15ft Steel Beam Hammock Stand has adjustable hooks enabling it to hold a variety of hammock types and sizes including single, double and extra wide hammocks. Its large 15 foot frame make it extra roomy, especially for those on the taller side.

This portable hammock stand can be assembled in minutes without the use of tools, making it easy to take on the road or for a quick trip to the beach or park. The weather resistant finish ensure it can be used outdoors without rusting.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up PROS:

  • Dimensions: 174”(L) x 76.8”(W) x 45.6”(H)
  • 400-pound capacity
  • 15′ stand for large hammocks
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use so you can relax anywhere
  • Weather and rust resistant for outdoor usage