Please welcome one of the newer additions to the hammock community with great new features.

Portable hammock chairs are more space-saving, easier to set up, economical, portable and a tree-free option to traditional hammocks. 

With a foldable or collapsible hammock chair, you get the flexibility of sitting upright during the day enjoying a cold one, or leaning back to doze off for a well-deserved nap. The lower center of gravity offered by a hammock chair when compared to a normal chair lends it the comfort of a hammock with the ease of a chair.

I’ll this article, I’ve reviewed the best folding hammock chairs in a range of styles and configurations. I’ve also written an in depth buyers guide detailing the most important features to consider before you buy one.  

blue Steel Folding Hammock Chair With Padded Seat
grey Foldable Hammock Camping Chair

blue Folding Hammock Beach Chair

Reviews For The Best 7 Folding Hammock Chairs

Let’s take a look at some of the top-rated folding hammock chairs available on Amazon. 

Steel Folding Hammock Chair With Padded Seat

Up the relaxation factor at your next adventure outdoors or just everyday life. Whether it be is camping, a concert, a sporting event or the beach – this steel folding hammock chair does the trick.

Rio Gear Outdoor Foldable Hammock Lounger

Easy to set up, easy to pack up and rather lightweight (a mere 11 pounds) to lug around, it’s the perfectly portable companion. Despite its compact size, the chair comfortably supports a weight capacity of 300 lbs. It also dips into an extended dip and allows the user to rock back and forth like a swing chair.

Boasting a powder-coated steel frame, this folding hammock chair with padded seat is a rust-resistant, reliable and durable pick set to last you a long time.

Durability aside, the comfortable foam pillow and the polyester fabric lend you the comfort you need to sit or nap in this folding hammock chair.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up PROS:

  • Durable powder-coated steel frame for outdoor use
  • Polyester hammock with light padding and foam padded headrest for added comfort
  • Ideal for sitting or rocking back and forth
  • Extremely portable weighing just 11 lbs to take anywhere
  • Easy to set up and pack up with carry bag

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down CONS:

  • One of the more expensive options
  • The high seat may be incompatible for shorter people leading to causing discomfort during use (can be avoided with an additional footstool)

Rocking Hammock Camp Chair

If comfort is the top priority for investing in a rocking hammock camp chair that you can carry along on your next trip, this swing and recline variety is a crowd-favorite pick.

Nemo Stargaze Recliner Luxury Camp Chair

It is slightly more versatile than the other hammock chairs on this list as it allows the user to switch between the two motions with an auto-recline feature. This high-quality hammock camp chair is also suitable for use on just about any terrain – find the right place for it no matter how rugged or uneven the terrain is.

The rust-resistant frame and mesh seats are ideal for the outdoors lifestyle. Its compact size packs small and weighs just 2 pounds, while it supports a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. The supportive headrest is inbuilt and gives added comfort to this luxury lounger.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up


  • Rust-resistant durable frame for outdoor use
  • Comfortable mesh seats for airflow with supportive padded headrest
  • Auto-recline between seated and reclined positions for added flexibility and extra comfort
  • Can be used on a wide range of terrain
  • Easy to pack and unpack, good portability with easy transportation weighing just 2 lbs
  • Comes with drink bottle holder so you don’t drop your beer

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down


  • Shorter people might need a foot rest to make it more comfortable with the high seat.

Portable Folding Hammock Chair

Heading outdoors and in search of a good quality yet relatively budget-friendly hammock chair to lounge in? Then this portable folding hammock chair in a putty/slate shade may be ideal.

Rio Gear Outdoor Foldable Hammock Lounger

Weighing just 11 lbs when packed with simple setup and repack, carrying it around for use anywhere is a piece of cake. It even allows for a weight limit of up to 300 lbs.

Sit back in the light padding, relax and enjoy – the extended dip provided by this hammock lowering your center of gravity ups the comfort factor like nothing else does.

Sway back and forth laying in the padded polyester seat with your head against the comfortable foam pillow as the static and stable powder-coated steel frame does a wonderful job in keeping things steady. This portable folding hammock chair is surely built to last – even in your minds!

Product advantages and likes thumbs up


  • Durable powder-coated steel frame for outdoor use
  • Polyester hammock with foam pillow provided for added comfort
  • Ideal for sitting or rocking back and forth
  • Extremely portable weighing just 11 lbs
  • Easy to set up and pack away
  • Value for money product

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down


  • Height may be incompatible for shorter people causing discomfort during use (can be avoided with an additional footstool)

Foldable Hammock Camping Chair

Looking for a hammock style camping chair that has it all, but is rather reasonably priced? This foldable hammock camping chair may just be the right chair for you.

XGEAR 2 in 1 Camping Chair with Footrest Recliner Folding Chaise Lounge Chair

Unlike most of the other hammock camping chair models out there, this one comes with a rather handy height-adjustable footrest which is easily convertible into a side table based on your need- and it is as simple as rotating a knob. Talk about top-class design and functionality making it one of the more large size comfortable chairs.

This chair is also long-lasting owing to the anti-rust powder coating on the durable steel frame ideal for the outdoors. The rubber covers on the chair’s feet prevent the hammock chair from slipping, no matter what terrain you are on.

Just as easy to unpack and repack, this folds away rather compactly. The 2-in-1 functionality allows you to either sit up or recline based on which you prefer. Additional features include a cup holder, storage and carry bag; a detachable pillow ups the comfort factor of the hammock chair too.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up


  • 2-in-1 functionality allowing user to sit up or recline
  • Interchangeable and adjustable footrest/side table
  • Meshed breathable fabric
  • Right chair for tight budgets
  • Anti-slip coating on the feet for use on a range of surfaces
  • Sturdy steel frame with anti-rust powder coating for long lasting outdoor use
  • Easy to pack and unpack
  • Accessories like cup holder, storage bag and a detachable pillow provided

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down


  • Inability to fix the recline to desired angle
  • Heavier than other portable hammock camping chairs

Hammock Lounger Camping Chair

Weighing just under 13lbs and packing away rather easily and compactly, this foldable hammock lounger is a lower cost option for those in search of a good hammock chair.

OUTDOOR LIVING SUNTIME Camping Folding Portable Mesh Chair with Removable Footrest

Take this along on your next outdoor adventure and take the phrase ‘sit back and relax’ to a whole new meaning. The reclining comfort (from 90 to 130 degrees) is only elevated thanks to the detachable footrest provided!

The heavy duty steel stand supports the chair and its polyester and mesh breathable fabric, both of which together guarantee stability and comfort. A weight allowance of 200 pounds is supported by this hammock lounger camping chair.

It has a whole range of accessories for added convenience like pillow, cup holder, head rest and mesh pocket.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up


  • Easy to setup and pack up
  • User can sit upright or recline up to a 130 degree angle for added comfort
  • Detachable footrest provided
  • Durable steel stand with comfortable polyester and mesh fabric
  • Affordable price
  • Three color options to choose from
  • Works well for people of every height
  • Several accessories like pillow, bottle holder, headrest and mesh pocket provided

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down


  • A little heavier when packed than other hammock chairs
  • Weight allowance of only 200 lbs

Recliner Hammock Camping Chair 

A high-quality yet budget-friendly reclining hammock camping chair? Yes, please. 

Happybuy Gray Folding Camp Chair with Footrest, Cup Holder and Storage Bag

Made of a steel frame with breathable mesh fabric keeping the sweat and odor at bay on hot summer days, this chair is synonymous with durability and comfort.

Weighing under 11 lbs, this camp chair with the provided carrying case will be the best carry-on on your next trip and allows for a weight allowance of 330 lbs.

Choose from two heights based on your level of comfort as you lounge in this recliner hammock camping chair. Several accessories like a cup holder and a storage bag are also included.

Product advantages and likes thumbs up


  • Durable steel frame to support the recliner hammock camping chair
  • Breathable mesh fabric good to keep sweat and odor away
  • Easy to pack and unpack
  • Good portability with simple carrying case provided
  • Weight allowance of up to 330 lbs
  • Low price option
  • Several accessories for added comfort like drink holder and storage bag

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down


  • Not as suitable for use by taller people (above 5’6”)

Folding Hammock Beach Chair

With all the benefits that other varieties offer, this special folding hammock beach chair even comes with an umbrella with UV 50+ protection and triple swivel to keep you from the sun!

Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair with Removable Umbrella and Footrest

The lightweight yet ultra durable steel frame of the recliner chair supports a weight of up to 250 lbs. Owing to its lightweight nature and how easy it is to pack and unpack along with the carrying case provided, it is a handy addition to your beach kit.

Choose from one of three settings – sit upright, recline or lay back completely to unlock the ultimate hammocking goodness.

Chill with a cold one, while you’re protected from the sun, placing it in the insulated pouch which can easily hold 4 at a time. The detachable footrest also ups the comfort factor!

Other accessories include a storage pouch with an outlet for your earphones and an in-built bottle opener adjacent to the insulated drink pouch. Talk about ergonomics and thinking of a hammock’s design all the way through!

Product advantages and likes thumbs up


  • Durable steel frame of this beach recliner chair
  • Triple swivel UV 50+ protection umbrella
  • Detachable footrest for additional comfort
  • Easy portability with simple carrying case provided
  • Budget-friendly
  • Highly intuitive design elements with inclusion of bottle openers close to drink pouch and storage compartment with an earphone opening

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down


  • The umbrella is not great in the wind

Things to Consider Before you Buy a Fold Up Hammock Chair

While fold out hammock chairs are all the rage and have been taking the hammock world by storm, it can only live up to the stellar expectations set if you invest in one that’s right for you. There’s so much to choose from and many features to consider, so let’s take a closer look at a few.


1. Use & Weather Conditions Expected 

While most hammock chairs are built for camping purposes and their features are tailored to that, there are varieties made specifically for beaches (umbrellas would be a wise accessory to look for) or homes and back yards.

Look at the features offered and tailor them to your needs.


2. How much time setup takes

Quick setup and packing time are important factors when it comes to folding up hammock chairs. Read the reviews to get honest opinions on how long this would take.


3. User height 

The height of the intended user should be taken into account before making the purchase. This could be features related to the center of gravity of a hammock chair or even the leg hanging off the edge.

Reviews give a pretty detailed insight on whether it is compatible with a certain height.


4. Portability, Weight and Packing Size 

For any folding hammock chair that is not going to be placed in your home, portability is a must. Some hammock chairs when packed weigh just 2 lbs. while the heaviest go up to 13 lbs. Make sure it packs small and comes with a carrying case too.


5. Weight Allowance 

Based on the user’s weight, choose a hammock chair with an allowance to match. A few accommodate only 200 lbs while others go up to 400 lbs.


6. Accessories Included 

One of the most commonly noticed additional accessories is a footrest, most often detachable from the rest of the hammock. They tend to be a wonderful addition lending a whole new degree of comfort.

For beach specific hammock chairs, an SPF protection umbrella would be a good thing to look for. Most hammocks come with cup holders and carrying cases too so you can enjoy a truly hands free version of relaxation!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Folding Hammock Chairs

Here are a few of the most common doubts regarding the use of folding hammock chairs with answers.

Are hammock chairs good for your back?

Hammock chairs are wonderful to correct a persons’ posture while also improving their flexibility, balance and core strength. People with chronic neck and back pain report relief on using hammock chairs, however these findings are entirely anecdotal.


What’s the difference between a regular hammock and a hammock chair?

While the traditional hammock allows for only one position comfortably (lying down), a foldable hammock chair works a little differently. It is more versatile in terms of use and can be used to sit upright in or lay down.

In addition to this, portability and a quick setup is a huge factor when it comes to hammock chairs as they are used typically in situations outside of one’s backyard or home.


How to hang a hammock chair?

Unlike other hammocks, these portable collapsible hammock chairs need not be suspended from trees, stands or anchor points. These models come with in-built stands that can easily be folded out or in for ease of use and storage.


Can a hammock chair be used for camping?

Most definitely. One of the major applications of these special types of hammocks is found in camping, however, it is also used in backyards, patios and beaches.


What are some safety tips to follow when setting up a hammock chair?

The most important thing to consider is ensuring the ground you are setting the hammock up on is level. Uneven ground impacts how safe it is to get onto the hammock, swing on it and hop off it. A stable hammock chair is a safe one.


For the perfect combination of hammock comfort and chair portability, a folding hammock chair is a great option for anyone looking to experience the greater outdoors in comfort.

With a few designs to choose from including rockers, loungers or mounted umbrellas, you are sure to find the perfect folding hammock chair for you.