sorbus blue hanging rope hammock chair

When we think about hammocks, the first thing on our minds is usually the idea of relaxation in a calming environment. However, the second thought is often: “How can I create this calming environment for myself?”

Not everyone has the luxury of owning a garden that will provide enough space for a swing chair or hammock. In other cases, some gardens may have the necessary space to harbor a hanging chair, but they’re simply not designed and/or located to be the calm haven you’d like them to be. Sometimes, the garden you have is just an extension of the busy street your house is located in.

If that’s the case and you still want to enjoy the pleasures hammocks can give you, there’s a solution that might be just right for you. A hanging chair for bedrooms is a great alternative to outdoor hammocks. It can provide you with the necessary kind of relaxation you need, without forcing you out of your own bedroom.

Indoor-outdoor hanging chairs are a particular kind of hammock that can bring the calming feeling of hammocks indoors. The best thing with these kinds of hammock is definitely their diversity in usage. You can use a hanging chair for in one of your bedrooms and transform it into an oasis of peace. On the other hand, if you feel like it, the same hanging chair can be transferred outside and be used as a hammock in the normal sense of the word.

This feature gives hanging chairs for bedrooms a slight advantage over normal hammocks as they are multipurpose. However, that’s not often enough for hanging chairs to be a better choice than classical hammocks. Simply being more diverse in their usage doesn’t mean that hanging chairs are automatically a great choice for you. That’s why it is important to have an understanding about the indoor swing chair you want to get.

Hanging chair reviews are a great way to find out more about the product you want to get. Some hanging chairs are more suited for a specific kind of sitting position, while others can handle multiple different positions and purposes. The main thing we’re trying accomplish with this particular hanging chair review is to give you an in-depth look at the hanging chair model we’ve picked, hoping it will help you decide whether or not a hanging chair is the kind of furniture you’ve been searching for to put in your bedroom.


Sorbus Blue Hanging Rope Hammock Chair Swing Seat for Any Indoor or Outdoor Spaces- Max. 265 Lbs -2 Seat Cushions Included



The Sorbus Blue Hanging Rope Hammock Chair seat can be used in any indoor or outdoor space and is a generous looking model that will definitely bring you much pleasure if you’re looking for relaxation and durability. This indoor swing chair not only mimics the features we expect from an outdoor hammock and transfers them into a newly designed model we can enjoy indoors, but it also ensures superb endurance when it comes to making sure that the hanging chair stays hanging.

Safety is an important issue with hanging chairs and hammocks in particular. This Sorbus model has a maximum durability of 265 Lbs, making it an extremely high-quality product and a great deal for the price tag. However, keep in mind that hanging chairs and hammocks are only as strong as the wall you put them on. Safety is extremely important with hanging chairs and hammocks.

sorbus blue hanging rope hammock chair


In-depth review

The first thing you’ll notice with this hanging chair is its extremely good looking design. The hanging chair resembles not only a comfortable regular armchair you might have in your home, but it also feels like it. The high-quality seat cushions give good back and bottom support, making the hammock more like an armchair than anything else.

Despite feeling like an armchair, the well–thought-out rope system this hanging chair is equipped with will give you the maximum amount of support you can get from a seat hammock or hanging chair. OK, what you might be thinking now is, “this is all very well, but I don’t want a hanging chair that will feel like a regular armchair”.

Well, unlike a regular armchair, you still have the relaxing feeling of hanging just like in any other hammock. What hanging chair reviews rarely mention is that most hanging chairs feel the same. It is fairly easy to grasp once you think about it: all hanging chairs (just like hammocks) hang. This hanging action gives the feeling of lightness and ease we want from our hanging chairs.

However, while this feature is almost identical for every hanging chair on the market, not every chair gives you the much-needed back support you and I and everybody else require. Relaxing is one thing, not getting cramped up while relaxing is something completely different.

The Sorbus Blue Hanging Rope Hammock Chair makes sure this doesn’t happen. The way the ropes hold the hanging chair in mid-air is not just randomly designed. The suspension occurs on important points on the seat, so that the enjoyment of the hammock feeling doesn’t get interrupted by shabby rope work.

With cheaply made hanging seats, there’s often the problem that the ropes simply add to the uncomfortableness of the hammock rather than to the relaxation one expects from these kinds of hanging chairs. That’s why it’s important to test hanging chairs first to see if they will create tension rather than help you get rid of it.



The Sorbus Blue Hanging Rope Hammock Chair seat can be used in any indoor or outdoor spaces and is a very well conceptualized hanging chair that will provide you with everything you expect from such a piece of furniture. It is designed to give a feeling of comfort and relaxation, while still being able to draw you into using it just like you would use a regular armchair.

The back support you get with this hanging chair is extremely useful for long sessions of reading, watching TV or relaxing in general. So, if you’re looking for a hanging chair that will give you the best of both worlds, this model is the way to go.