girl reading book on green hanging chaise lounger chair
Swinging chairs are a special kind of hammock. They combine the best of two worlds and try to give you relaxation and comfort while still enabling you to enjoy things you could do in the normal armchair you probably have in your house. Things like reading or browsing the internet are comfortably done in such chairs. Swinging chairs, however, are different from classical lounge chairs as they combine this pragmatic use with the wellness factor of a hammock.

If you’ve ever used a hammock, you’ve probably noticed that there’s little you can do while lying in one. And that’s alright if you’re trying to relax. Hammocks were historically seen as something you simply rested in and gathered enough energy to continue your day. Over time however, furniture pieces evolved into something more than just a place where you relax from work. Now you can do actual work in them, and it has become the case that relaxation is not the sole purpose of such types of furniture. However, people didn’t want to give up on the wellness features the hammock had, and thus the idea for the porch swing and swinging chair was born.

Swinging chairs with stands have become the standard these days, because of the simplicity and easy setup they provide to the customer. Swinging chairs are usually bought for porches or gardens, which has led to the other name this kind of hammock has acquired over the time: porch swing. If you don’t necessarily want a porch swing, there are plenty of other porch hammocks available to give you a great place to relax on your porch.

However, the product we’re reviewing here today could easily be named a lounge swing chair. That doesn’t mean that it has lost any of the attributes we mentioned earlier about good swinging chairs. Furthermore, we think that this particular model could provide a much better wellness experience than the ones we’re used to in this particular category of furniture. That’s why we’ve decided to take a closer look at the model. We hope to provide you with better insight into the features this product provides, in terms of relaxation and pragmatic use. So let’s dive in.



The Best Choice Products® Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair Arc Stand Air Porch Swing Hammock Chair Canopy Teal model is an incredible swinging chair that trumps every other model in its category. The modern design of this porch chair is an eye-catcher from the start. It simply won’t leave your mind for a long time after you’ve taken a closer look.


girl reading book on blue hanging chaise lounger chairThe metal frame of this model supports up to 265 lbs, which makes it somewhat of a heavy-duty model in the swinging chair department. However, if you’re thinking about sharing the swinging chair with a loved one, we would advise you to rethink it and stay on the safe side. The chair is simply not designed for two people, and that’s something that should be noticed right off the bat.It is weather resistant, which is what every one of us expects from a porch chair. However, like with any other model, you have to take care of the cushions. If it starts to rain, you should remove them in order to preserve the foam the cushions are filled with.

Another feature that immediately catches the eye is the integrated canopy which will give you much-needed sun protection. This is great to ensure you’ll enjoy the things you’ll be doing while relaxing on this swinging chair.


In-depth review

So, now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive deeper into the review of this porch chair model. The aforementioned canopy has a dual function. First of all, it will prevent your face from burning in the hot sun if you spend a long time in this chair. The second thing is it stops the sun from shining right in your face. This is meant to assist you if you decide to read a book or use your phone while sitting on your chair. The canopy is somewhat small, but does the job rather well if the sun is in the right position. This may sound wrong, you might say. We can’t move the sun. The chair has to be put into the right position. Yes, this might be a more logical approach to the problem, but unfortunately it doesn’t help solving this issue.

girl reading book on orange hanging chaise lounger chairFirst of all, the canopy is rather small. Even if you move the chair into a good position, over the course of the day, the sun will again hit your face from another angle the canopy doesn’t cover. This partially negates the much-needed protection the canopy on this swinging chair offers. Second of all, the chair is extremely heavy, so moving it simply requires too much energy. That’s not good for a product that is supposed to help you relax.

Another thing with the umbrella (canopy) is the fact that it is not only too small, but also not easily removable. In one instance we’ve experienced that the canopy came off due to hard winds, which made no sense whatsoever. Clipping it off from the lounge chair was not easy when we wanted to remove it. 




Although this swinging chair model has its problems with some of its elements, the overall impression we’ve got was extremely positive. There are some flaws here and there in execution, of the canopy design in particular, but anything else worked simply wonderfully. The high-quality polyester padding in the cushions that come with this swinging chair is extremely comfortable.

It gives the chair the relaxation factor every type of furniture of this caliber needs to have. All in all, the Best Choice Products® Hanging Chaise Lounger Chair Arc Stand Air Porch Swing Hammock Chair Canopy Teal model is a high-quality swinging chair. It will go nicely with every space you could put it in.

If you decide to put it into your garden, you will have little to no problems in regards to weather resistance. On the other hand, if you decide to put it indoors you’ll have a nice lounge chair that has all the necessary attributes to provide maximum relaxation most of us are only used to getting with hammocks.