How to Hang a Hammock Indoors Without Drilling


There is nothing more relaxing then chilling in a hammock, swinging the day away. We’ve all envisioned ourselves in the hammock between the palm trees on the beach or thought a beautiful cane swinging chair would complete our Hamptons style living area. But what if you can’t attach your hammock to the wall by drilling? Maybe you’re renting and need something less permanent or perhaps you just don’t want to ruin the finishes of your newly completed home. Whatever the reason, we’ve got the solution, so you can safely and effectively understand how to hang a hammock indoors without drilling.

6 reasons why you might want to know how to hang a hammock indoors without drilling?

  • You’re renting and the owners won’t approve drilling into walls or ceilings
  • You’ve got a brand new or existing house that you don’t want to ruin by drilling
  • You can’t access a stud or beam to take the weight of your hammock or they are in the wrong spot for where you want your hammock to be placed
  • You don’t want the expense of buying the tools and hardware needed to drill and attach a hammock e.g. maybe if your walls are concrete and you need a special drill like a hammer drill
  • You live in a house that has walls that contain asbestos and therefore cannot drill safely
  • You don’t have the skills (or maybe the patience) to be able to drill and attach a hammock


Things to consider before you buy or hang a hammock indoors without drilling

  • The size of your hammock – how much space will your hammock take up?
  • The style of your hammock – what type of products will be suitable to hang your particular type of hammock without drilling?
  • The location you would like to hang your hammock – what area is available, what existing infrastructure does it have such as columns and how much space can you use in that area?


Products to help you hang a hammock indoors without drilling

If you’re looking for the best options on how to hang a hammock indoors without drilling, check out these great product options below.

Hammock stands

A hammock stand is the easiest and most obvious way to hang your hammock indoors without drilling. Many hammocks already come with a stand or you can purchase a stand separately, just make sure they are suitable for the size and type of hammock canopy you have purchased. Most come with easy to follow instructions and all the tools needed to assemble or often don’t require any tools at all, meaning you can just click them together or use a few included nuts and bolts to assemble. If space is an issue with a traditional type stand, then maybe consider a hammock chair stand or similar which are more upright and take up much less space.


  • Very quick and easy to set up
  • Can literally place anywhere in the house
  • Can be moved around quickly and easily
  • Stands to suit most hammock types
  • Variety of different types to suit your space


    • Some stands can take up a lot of space


Columns or posts using hammock tree straps

If you already have posts or columns within your home, then hanging a hammock indoors without drilling is as easy as hanging it between two trees. You can purchase hammock tree straps quite cheaply and set them up very quickly. Made from non-stretch materials, hammock straps can support around 2000lbs of weight. Never used a hammock strap before? That’s ok because they are simple and quick to set up. Simply wrap the strap around your column or post, feed it through the loop and pull tight before attaching a carabiner to one of the loops and your hammock.


  • Can support large amounts of weight
  • Easy to set up
  • Uses existing structures of your house


  • Needs columns or poles to install
  • If your columns are too close together you may experience sag in your hammock

Beams using hammock tree swing hanging straps

A similar alternative to the tree straps above, is a hanging version which utilises a horizontal surface such as a tree branch rather than the trunk to secure the straps. You can use these to hang a hammock indoors without drilling by using roof beams that you already have in your home. Again, these are super durable as they are made from industrial grade polyester and can also hold up to 2000lbs, ensuring your hammock will be sturdy and safe. They can be used with almost any type of hammock and are easy to set up, meaning they are also portable.


  • Can support large amounts of weight
  • Easy to set up
  • Uses existing structures of house


  • Needs existing beams to install
  • If your beams are too close/ far apart your hammock may not sit with a comfortable curve

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