Believe it or not, indoor hammock beds are increasingly being viewed as great substitutes for mattresses and typical bed frames.

Their unrivaled comfort and compact size, as well as their unique presence in a bedroom, are appealing to adults. For quality sleep in a hammock, it is essential that adults sleep in the proper position in a comfortable hammock bed to provide the required back support.

A Reddit user, having done an “Ask Me Anything” about sleeping in a hammock every night (Due to interest: I sleep in a hammock instead of a bed. AMA. from IAmA), gave proper advice to this effect.

Not all hammocks are made to be slept in all night every night. Take care in your choice of indoor hammock bed for adults, especially if you plan on switching to a hammock permanently to sleep in every night.

In this article, I’ve reviewed the pros and cons of the best indoor hammock beds for sleeping in you bedroom or living area. I’ve also got some tips to help you make sure you pick the right indoor hammock for you.

the best indoor hammock beds for sleeping
ImageProduct NameWhy Buy This ProductCheck Price
white indoor hammock bedHammock Sky(R) Brazilian Hammock – Two Person Double
- Largest Resting Space
- Extra Length for Tall People
- Style
- Comfort
Check Product Price
striped indoor hammock bed with standBest Choice Products Double Hammock With Space Saving Steel Stand
- Portability with stand
- 100% Cotton
Check Product Price
blue striped indoor hammock bed with standVivere Double Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand
- Portability with stand
- Larger Resting Space
Check Product Price

Reviews for the Best Indoor Hammock Beds for Sleeping in the Bedroom or Living Area

I’ve researched product reviews and manufacturers information to find the best indoor hammock beds for use in the home. All these products offer the best value, and come with very high customer satisfaction ratings with greater than 4 stars.

Best Indoor Hammock Beds for Adults (Without Stand) Reviews

If you want to hang your hammock between your walls, or you already have a hammock stand, below is my top pick of comfortable hammock beds to consider.

Hammock Sky(R) Brazilian Hammock – Two Person Double

The Hammock Sky Brazilian Hammock is of the highest quality and designed with the best hammock quality features in mind. It is optimized for comfort, built for two, durable, and portable being described as a cocoon of weightlessness.

Accommodating weights up to 475 lbs, with a resting space 8’2″ long by 4’11” wide, this hammock is comfortably ideal for couples, and perfect for tall people.

As with many other indoor hammocks, this model can be used outdoors (and if you do, maybe consider getting a tent for it!), so if the mood strikes to go camping one day, you can take this piece of home with you!

This hammock sky hammock does not include any fasteners, straps, or any way to hang the hammock, so be sure to find some hooks or a stand for this one.

Key Features:

  • Seats 2
  • 475-pound weight capacity
  • Long and Comfortable 8’2″ x 4’11” resting space
  • Cotton natural fibers

Product advantages and likes thumbs up   Pros

  • Included carrying bag
  • Long 8’2″ rest space for tall people
  • Superior comfort
  • Great Value

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down Cons

  • Hanging kit in the image is not included

Best Indoor Hammock Beds for Adults (With Stands)

An indoor hammock bed and stand set is likely the way to go if:

  • You have no means to support a hammock
  • You plan on moving where the hammock is set up frequently, or
  • Your walls are too far apart to attach the hammock between them.

The added benefit is that your comfortable hammock bed is then not only restricted to home use. See my two top picks below – I recommend the Vivere over the Best Choice hammock stand combo.


Best Choice Products Double Hammock With Space Saving Steel Stand

The Best Choice Products Double Hammock and Stand Set comes with a steel stand. Spared the trouble of finding places to hang your hammock bed, you can simply assemble the stand, hook the hammock to it, and promptly drift into dream land.

It’s built to endure the elements, so if you feel the urge to take this model outdoors, then by all means do so! It’s 100% cotton fabric is comfortable and holds up through plenty of use.

The stand can be put up and taken down within just a few minutes, so temporarily taking your hammock bed down for more space during the day is completely reasonable. Taller users, however, might find it difficult to fit into this one.

Key Features:

  • Seats 2
  • 450-pound capacity
  • Comfortable 6’4″ x 4’9″ resting space
  • 9′ stand
  • Cotton natural fibre

Product advantages and likes thumbs up   Pros

  • Included carrying bag
  • Simple tool free assembly
  • Super portable for indoor / outdoor use
  • Great value and range of colors available for any color scheme

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down Cons

  • Smaller resting space compared to the Sky Hammock and Vivere hammocks reviewed
  • Can rust if left outdoors exposed to the elements
striped indoor hammock bed with stand   Buy Double Hammock Bed

Vivere Double Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand

The Vivere Double Hammock comes with a steel stand which is also easy to set up and requires no tools. The difference between these two models can be seen in the size of the bed area for each hammock.

Where the Best Choice Products hammock bed has a 6’4″ x 4’9″ resting space which is an appropriate size, this Vivere hammock sports a 7’10” x 5’3″ resting space. It is considerably longer and with a wide fabric base offering additional comfort of the hammock for some users.

This would be an ideal indoor hammock bed choice for taller users, especially those over 6’4″.  In addition to our review on on HammockChillout, this model boasts some really positive reviews on Amazon, so we highly recommend checking this one out!

Key Features:

  • Seats 2
  • 450-pound capacity
  • Large comfortable 7’10” x 5’3″ resting space
  • 9′ stand
  • Cotton natural fibers / polyester or durable weather resistant Sunbrella material

Product advantages and likes thumbs up   Pros

  • Great value with a wider range of colors  for any color scheme. The color range is wider than the best choice option above
  • Choice of cotton, polyester or Sunbrella material
  • Larger resting space than the best choice option above for tall people
  • Included carrying bag
  • Simple tool free assembly
  • Super portable for indoor / outdoor use

Product dislikes disadvantages thumbs down Cons

  • Some report the powder coating on the stand is easily scratched

Things To Consider When Choosing an Indoor Hammock Bed

There are a wide range of hammock options available for indoor use. Below is a summary of the most important considerations before making a buying decision for one to sleep in.

1. Cocoon Hammocks versus Spreader Bar Hammocks: 

Cocoon Hammocks are the best choice for use as an inside hammock bed. While it is possible to sleep on a spreader bar hammock, if you move around too much you’re a good chance of falling off it mid nap. A cocoon bed style hammock will wrap around you so you won’t fall out. There are different cocoon hammock style beds such Mayan, Nicaraguan and Brazilian. The Brazilian hammock is by far the most popular. As long as it is hung correctly, you will still be able to experience the extreme hammock comfort even though spreader bar hammocks may look like a flatter rest area more suited to sleeping on.
Brazilian cocoon hammock and spreader bar hammock

2. Double Hammocks versus Single Hammocks:

If you plan on trying to sleep regularly beside you partner in a hammock, you should consider 2 separate hammocks hung side by side. Attempting to sleep consistently in a double hammock is not recommended. A regular double hammock will normally be rated from 350 to 450 lbs so it is unlikely to be too much weight for two average adults. However the comfort when trying to sleep together is another issue all together.

3. Cotton Hammocks versus Rope Hammocks:

A hammock bed with cotton and / or polyester blend is the right choice for an indoor hammock vice a rope hammock. Rope hammocks are great for casual rests outdoors between palm trees where the breeze on your back is welcomed. Rope increases the weight of the hammock and makes it more durable than cotton hammocks which is important for long time outdoor use. However the intertwined rope can cause pressure points on your back which may cause some discomfort for regular napping. A cotton hammock distributes the weight more evenly causing a lack of pressure points, and is more comfortable for extended sleeping.

4. Indoor Hammock Hanging Options

The common ways indoor hammocks are hung is via hammock anchors such as wall hooks, or stands. Ceiling anchors are another alternative depending on the location in your living area you have available to hang your hammock. Anytime you are fixing to the wall or the ceiling, it is essential that you fix it correctly to the anchor point. Incorrectly attaching the hammock to a wall stud or a ceiling joist can end in injury, and a significant hole in your wall or roof!
Brazilian Hammock hung with hooks and wall anchors

5. Should I buy an Indoor Hammock with stand?

It depends on the living space you have available, and whether you want a portable hammock. Below are a summary of the benefits of each type of hanging option.  

Benefits of Using Hammock Stands:

  • They are portable for movement between the bedroom and other indoor / outdoor spaces
  • They often come with a carry bag if you want to take it away from your home
  • Do not require any modifications to your wall or ceiling
  • They require no tools, extra rope or DIY skills
  • You can put them anywhere – you aren’t constrained by small spaces, wall studs or ceiling joists
  • They are affordable (though they cost more than hooks will)

Benefits of using Hammock Hooks:

  • Hammock hooks are easy to install and cheap
  • They are an attractive option once they are set up
  • They take up less room than a hammock stand
  • If you need to remove your hammock between uses, only the hooks remain which will give you back all of your living space without a stand to pack up

4 Key Sleep Benefits Of Sleeping In A Hammock

Whether you’re looking for an affordable alternative to a mattress set for a guest room, or you’re just considering a change of sleeping environment for yourself, an indoor hammock bed can be a great source of happiness in your home. If you’re still on the fence about purchasing an indoor sleeping hammock for your bedroom, several people on Reddit have made the switch from mattresses and regret nothing. For example, one user wrote of the transition from normal beds to hammock beds: “Got a hammock instead of a bed, I’m in love” from minimalism With quotes like that, who could say no to a bedroom hammock bed? Users are often positively surprised by their experiences from sleeping in hammocks instead of beds.
Man sleeping in living room hammock
The most frequent benefits identified by hammock sleepers include:

1. Better Quality Sleep

Researcher Sophie Schwartz from the University of Geneva found the rocking motion of the hammock positively changed the nature of the sleep, and participants fell asleep sooner. The rocking increased duration of N2 sleep, and increased brain activity associated with deep sleep and memory consolidation.

2. Relief From Mattress Generated Pressure Points

While a good choice of mattress will help relieve stress on the shoulders and back, a poor one will make is worse. The hammock design can reduce pressure on your spine, and remove pressure points felt from mattresses to ensure a comfortable, deeper sleep. In the longer term, it can help those with back pain reduce their discomfort.

3. Healthy, Comfortable Sleeping Position

A comfortable hammock bed elevates your head slightly which allows for your airways to remain uncongested, and optimal circulation of blood to the head and neck while you sleep. The elevation also helps with alignment of the head and spine for maximal comfort.

 4. Better Hygiene

No need to chase the bed mites out of your mattress any more. Most indoor hammocks are also much easier to wash either by hand or in a washing machine.

6 Other Reasons To Buy An Inside Hammock Bed?

If the sleep benefits aren’t enough, here’s some other reasons why an indoor hammock bed might be right for you.

1. Your Living Areas Are Small

When you’re living in an inner city studio, there’s not a lot of room. When using sleeping hammocks with stands which can be disassembled, it can completely disassembled and stored when not in use. If you’re using hooks, only the hooks will remain in the wall or ceiling. Either way, you can take down an indoor hammock when not in use to maximise the room you have.
indoor sleeping hammock bed hanging in corner of room

2. You Are Tall

Some bedroom hammock beds (such as the ones we mention in this article) can offer longer resting spaces than California king mattresses. This is fantastic news for very tall users!

3. Adults With Body Aches And Pains

While it won’t work for everyone, some people with ongoing back pain, joint pain etc can find traditional mattresses uncomfortable. A hammock can be a pain free alternative for people in that position.

4. Adults With Insomnia

Research from Neuroscientists at the University of Geneva say the changes in brain activity that occur when people are rocking or sleeping in a hammock may provide new ways to help insomniacs. If you suffer from insomnia, maybe you can see if it works for you.

5. You Have Limited Space In Your Bedroom

If you’re looking to replace your bed completely, hammocks can be an excellent option as a replacement bed. They are more hygienic, take up less room in small spaces, cost less and offer a range of other benefits.
white sleeping hammock for bedroom

6. You Are Looking To Save Money

An indoor hammock bed for the bedroom will generally cost less than a mattress – unless you buy a really cheap mattress. There are lots of cheap hammock options available online offering a good deal, but not all will be suited for extended sleep sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Indoor Hammocks For Bedrooms Or Indoor Living Area Sleeping

What kind of hammock is best for sleeping?

I recommend a cotton double Brazilian hammock hung by either a stand or wall hooks. The cotton hammock bedding is the most comfortable option and the cocoon style hammock will ensure you’re comfortable and don’t fall out. Stand vs Wall hooks will vary by individual.

Can hammocks be used as beds?

Yes. Many adults have changed from sleeping on mattresses to sleeping in hammocks every night. Hammock sleeping comes with a range of benefits including quality of sleep, removal of pressure points, relief from back pain, potential assistance for insomnia relief, space saving and money saving.
Lady on sleeping hammock bed indoors

Can you put a hammock in your bedroom?

Yes. Hammocks are a great addition to the bedroom regardless of whether you intend to sleep in it every night. They offer an alternate area to take a nap or relax, where the rocking motion can help calm you down or get to sleep quicker.

How do I hang an indoor hammock?

Hammock stands offer the most portable and versatile way to hang a hammock indoors. They don’t need any tools or DIY experience and won’t damage your walls. If you can permanently fix your hammock, wall and ceiling anchors are available where strong wall studs or ceiling joists are available.